Why RevCycle?

With a comprehensive suite of revenue cycle products and services, RevCycle gives healthcare providers the opportunity to partner with a single vendor. Optimize all your revenue cycle processes quickly, affordably and efficiently!

Our mission is to treat your patients with the dignity and respect they deserve during each phase of the revenue cycle.

Partner with RevCycle to:

  • Alleviate the burden and stress on your staff
  • Free your staff to focus on patient care and core competencies
  • Increase recoveries—more dollars back in your bottom line!
  • Reduce A/R aging
  • Reduce administrative, technology and collection costs
  • More easily adapt to industry changes
  • Enhance your patient experience and retention
  • Increase cash flow
  • Reduce risk
  • Improve operational performance

What Are Some of the Perks of Partnering With RevCycle?

Performance Strength

Our EBO solutions are custom-tailored to meet your unique challenges and optimize returns.

Our third-party collections performance is guaranteed. For third-party bad debt collections, we will provide a greater “netback” than any competing agency at any price, or we will pay you the difference. Guaranteed. Period.

We’re always open to alpha split competitions with your current vendor as a trial run. This allows you to get to know us and measure our abilities. Put us to the test—we welcome the challenge!

Patient Dignity, Satisfaction & Retention

Today’s collection call is tomorrow’s patient. We recognize that and treat every person with the dignity and respect they deserve. It is one of our most fundamental principles. We provide an enhanced patient experience validated at every stage by the Dignity Survey.

Peace of Mind

We have the experience, compliance, certifications and trained staff to give you complete peace of mind knowing your revenue cycle needs are in the best hands. Our organizational certifications include SOC II, PPMS, and PCI/DDS. Virtually our entire staff holds one or more industry certifications. Our Employee Training Department works in concert with our compliance department to ensure every employee in the organization is fluent in compliance as well as our best practices. Rigorous annual HIPAA training ensures our staff handles your PHI professionally and compliantly.

System-Wide Combined Guarantor Statements

In the ever-changing world of healthcare where mergers and joint partnerships arise almost daily, complicated billing processes can occur. These issues can greatly impact the patient experience in a negative manner as they deal with out of pocket expenses.

We can produce system-wide combined guarantor statements, even across multiple billing systems. These statements streamline the process for you and simplify it for your patients.

Your Revenue Cycle Optimization Partner, Not Just Another Vendor

We accept your challenges as our own and apply a “Can-Do” approach to helping you overcome them. We believe in our organization’s ability to find a solution no matter how daunting the task may appear!

Here are a few benefits of having a revenue cycle optimization partner, not just a vendor:

  • Custom solutions to your revenue cycle challenges
  • Services available for every stage of the revenue cycle, including bad debt collections, EBO services and MLOC
  • Dedicated Client Services Department to provide quick resolution to your needs and requests
  • Access to our compliance department to consult on regulatory issues
  • Fully customizable reporting
  • Access to consultation and training
  • Seamless integration with RCM platforms including MediTech, Cerner and EPIC
  • Right-sized, agile and flexible to respond to industry changes

Optimize Your Revenue Cycle!

Contact us today for more information on our services, to request a price quote, or to include us in your RFP. All inquiries are welcome. We look forward to speaking with you!

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