Frequently Asked Questions

We want to sign up with RevCycle—will this take a lot of resources from our organization?

We will always bring you onboard with the minimal amount of effort necessary from your end of things. After all, we’re here to provide solutions!

The amount of time and effort required from your end varies depending on the services you’re interested in, the account volumes, etc.

  • For third-party bad debt collections the process is swift. Our technology and workflow structure make it little more than plug-and-play once the paperwork is signed.
  • For first-party EBO services there is a bit more involved. We’ll make sure we understand your expectations and ideology so we can provide services to your highest satisfaction levels and represent your name in the most positive manner possible. We’ll schedule these meetings with the appropriate personnel in a timely manner to get your extended business office operational quickly and painlessly.
I’ve heard about your guaranteed collections – can you explain the guarantee?

Our Netback Performance Guarantee is simple. We will provide a greater Netback return to you than any competing agency at any price, or we will pay you the difference—period.

It’s common in the healthcare collections industry to attract potential clients by advertising and proposing low commission rates. However, in the end these companies wind up costing more than RevCycle.

We have a revenue cycle vendor—why would we switch?

Lack of client service, poor performance, questionable reporting, compliance issues and poor patient experience are some of the reasons healthcare providers will consider changing their revenue cycle partner. It is important to view the revenue cycle as a tool for patient retention, and to partner with a company who can meld exceptional financial performance with superior patient satisfaction.

If you’re considering change on the EBO side, get to know us through the RFP process and make an informed decision. If you’re wondering if you could be getting more from your third party collections but hesitant to make a change, see how our Netback Performance Guarantee maximizes your bottom line!

What are your rates?

Because we don’t have standard, “one size fits all” services, we don’t have a standard rate. We determine our rates based on the services you want and the projected volumes, as well as other factors. When determining our rates, the goal is to improve your aging, exceed your service expectations and return more dollars to you than you are currently getting from your provider.  (See our Netback guaranteed third party collections.)

We had a negative experience with a vendor in the past—how can we be sure it would be different with RevCycle?

We build partnerships rather than a traditional vendor/client relationship. That’s the driving reason why our partnerships are some of the longest you’ll find in the industry, with many well into double digit years of tenure! Some of our partners have brought in competition on the advice of consultants, only to go back to utilizing us as their sole provider after the experience.

We are always prepared to deliver partner references in proposals, and in the meantime we invite you to ask anyone in the industry you know who has worked with us – we’re proud of who we are!

Have More Questions?

We cordially invite you to have a discussion with one of our experts, whether on a specific challenge or about the latest industry trends. We’re confident you’ll want to continue to learn more after speaking with us!

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