For the past 21 years I have worked for RevCycle, starting as a Professional Collection Specialist in 1999 and then moving into the production Training Specialist role in 2006. I have thoroughly enjoyed my years with this company and have never looked back on my decision to work here. When people say to me, “I cannot believe that you are a debt collector!”, I believe they hold a lot of misconception. Our company is here for our clients and consumers to help them in the best way that we can and always provide the upmost dignity and respect. All my co-workers are amazing and professional people, and everyone here always works together as a team. My position within the organization has helped me to grow as an individual by introducing me to, working with, and training so many unique individuals. I have been able to help train in other departments, which has led me to a better overall understanding and knowledge of the company. This has provided me even more skills to be able to pass onto the trainees in out collection department. If you are a good organizational fit when you start here, but you are not in the right position, the company will do their best to move you into a department that is more suitable for you. I was very fortunate so many years ago to find a company that values its employees.


RevCycle Hero since 1999