Corporate Culture

When RevCycle was founded as Alliance Collection Agencies in 1990, Dan O'Connell began his mission of building the best possible company by employing  the right people, systems, technologies, and processes, in order to provide our clients with the best possible services.  RevCycle continues this mission today and articulates it though our Core Purpose, Core Values, Business Definition, and Strategic Anchors.


Core Purpose

To  Keep Clients Healthy and Focused

  • We keep clients financially healthy by providing revenue cycle services that maximize their accounts receivables. 
  • We keep clients focused on their core business by managing their revenue cycle so they don’t have to.
  • We keep clients focused on their core business because we earn their trust and provide peace of mind. 


Business Definition

We Design and Provide Customized Revenue Cycle Solutions


Core Values


  • We value the long term health of our organization over personal agendas. The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few, and personal goals are in harmony with the health of our organization. 


  • We consistently evolve in our pursuit of improvement. We constantly adapt to an ever changing environment, and we embrace change that is beneficial to our organization’s health. 


  • We believe we can always find a successful resolution. We put forth maximum effort every day, we accept others’ challenges as our own, and we use creative thinking and problem solving skills to identify all possible solutions. 


Strategic Anchors


  • We will be industry leaders through early adoption of technologies, by offering innovative products and services, and by being fast to adapt. 


  • We build the best organization by being the best. We are committed to the highest quality products, services, people, and processes. 


  • We build strong partnerships by exceeding our clients’ expectations. We share our expertise and resources beyond our standard product offerings. We provide constructive feedback to help our clients become healthier and we are tireless in our pursuit of     client satisfaction.