Company History

Company History

In 1990 Dan O’Connell purchased two small collection agencies then known as Bonded Collections of Marshfield and Rapids Adjustment Company.  In June of 1992, Bonded Collections purchased 50% of the stock of Wausau Creditors Service, Inc., and the balance of that stock was purchased in June of 1998.  In 1999 Bonded Collections of Marshfield, Rapids Adjustment Company, and  Wausau Creditors Service were merged into Alliance Collection Agencies, Inc.

As Alliance grew, Dan had identified local healthcare providers were in need of additional revenue cycle services beyond traditional 3rd party bad-debt collections and as a result formed HealthCare Business Services (HBS) in 2004.  In 2015 the RevCycle brand was launched creating a comprehensive and integrated suite of revenue cycle products and services.

Re-branding of Alliance Collection Agencies and Healthcare Business Services

In 2015, Alliance Collection Agencies (Alliance) and Healthcare Business Services (HBS)  formally unveiled their new shared branding as RevCycle, Inc.  Alliance and HBS have always operated under the same ownership and also shared the internal services of senior management as well as the HR and IT departments.  This new branding initiative will further allow the two companies to pool their resources (in the area of sales and marketing) to more efficiently achieve their common goal of helping healthcare providers achieve revenue cycle optimization. 

The new shared branding is designed to represent the combined product suite of both Alliance and HBS offering healthcare providers “best in class” products and services spanning the entire revenue cycle from appointments and scheduling through bad-debt collections. Alliance and HBS will maintain their individual corporate structures and there will be no change in ownership, management, or operations of either company.


Frequently asked questions:

Has Alliance or HBS been bought out by another company?

No.  There are no changes in ownership or management, and all current employees of both Alliance and HBS will remain employees of those companies.  Alliance, HBS, and RevCycle are solely owned by Dan O’Connell. 

I currently use Alliance for bad-debt collection services, how will this branding change affect my patients?

Patients with accounts placed in bad-debt collections with Alliance will not experience any changes.  All collection services will continue to be performed under the name of Alliance Collection Agencies.  There will be no changes in the quality of the service they receive or in the representatives they work with.

I currently use products and services from both Alliance and HBS, how will this branding change affect my existing contracts?

Both Alliance and HBS will maintain their distinct corporate structure.  Existing contracts will remain in force and unaffected.  Additionally, future clients will continue to contract services directly with Alliance and/or HBS.

What changes will I notice as a result of the new branding?

Many employees of Alliance and HBS will eventually transition to new e-mail addresses using the format  However, for your convenience, all existing e-mail addresses will continue to be routed to our staff just as they are today.

Will RevCycle have a new website?

Yes.  The current Alliance website will be redesigned with a focus on improving the experience of patients with bad-debt accounts placed with Alliance.  In addition a new RevCycle website is being developed which will enhance our client’s access to valuable information about our product suite and improved portals to reporting and account level detail.

Why is a branding change needed?

Both Alliance and HBS are owned by Dan O’Connell with the common purpose of partnering with healthcare providers to optimize their revenue cycles. Marketing under a single brand more accurately expresses Dan’s original vision to create an integrated suite of products and services to benefit healthcare providers across the entire revenue cycle.