The healthcare industry exists to improve the quality of life for all people.  RevCycle, Inc. believes that healthcare providers who have a financially stable organization are in a position to best  serve their communities.  RevCycle was founded with the purpose of "Keeping our clients healthy and focused".  

  • We keep healthcare providers financially healthy by optimizing their revenue cycle.  
  • We keep providers focused on their mission of serving their communities by reducing the amount of effort they need to commit to remaining financially stable.  

With more than 80 years of experience in optimizing the Revenue Cycle for our clients, we have the expertise to help you employ industry “Best Practices” in order to ensure you are collecting more of your outstanding AR while maintaining a high rate of patient satisfaction.  

From Revenue Cycle Consulting to Staff Training Classes to Conference Speaking Engagements, the experts at RevCycle are here to meet your needs.

RevCycle offers a range of pre-registration services ranging from Automated Appointment Reminders to Insurance Eligibility Verification.  All of our pre-registration services are designed to reduce costs while increasing future recoveries and preventing unnecessary denials.

In healthcare, just as in all other industries, the faster you are reimbursed for services, the more of each dollar goes to the bottom line. This is true not only due to the time value of money, but because as time passes additional actions need to be taken and each of those actions has an associated cost in terms of both manpower and other resources.  Our Point of Service solutions will help you increase reimbursements while reducing costs.

RevCycle can help you maximize these opportunities with best in class services ranging from Coding to Claim Denial Management and Insurance Follow-up.

RevCycle's Patient Responsibility Balance (Self-Pay) services include:

  • Combined Guarantor Billing Statements
  • Patient Follow-up (Self-Pay Collections)
  • Loan Monitoring
  • Legacy System Clean-up Programs

The experts at RevCycle will provide you with a best of both worlds solution that maximizes recoveries while increasing patient satisfaction

RevCycle's roots are as a collection agency, and our bad-debt collections service is second to none.  You will not find another agency more committed to both client service and patient satisfaction.  In addition our recoveries will put more dollars back in your pocket than any competitor.  We guarantee it, or we will pay you the difference!

There is a simple and easy to implement step that, when taken, can almost instantaneously increase patient satisfaction throughout the revenue cycle.  This step is the implementation of what we call the Dignity Survey.

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