Appointment Reminders

Providers are well aware of the direct loss in revenue that results from missed appointments.  In addition to the obvious loss of revenue from the appointment itself, which for many providers can average between $400 and $800 dollars, the problem is compounded because the fixed costs of idle medical staff are not mitigated during gaps in the work day.

What is more difficult to quantify, is missed opportunities for revenue from follow-up appointments, tests, and surgeries that would have existed if these appointments were kept.  

A study performed by The American Journal of Medicine in 2010, demonstrated that telephone appointment reminders can be an effective way to reduce these losses.  According to the study, automated appointment reminders resulted in a 25% reduction in “no-shows” compared to no phone reminder.   Manual staff-performed reminder calls were even more effective with a 40% reduction in “no shows”. However, the cost of having staff performing manual calls is significantly higher and runs the risk of being overlooked when other job functions take priority.

Much of the added effectiveness of staff-performed calls can be attributed to the ability for patients to cancel or reschedule on the spot. Otherwise, scheduling changes rely on them to write down a call-back number and take the time to call the appointment desk. Advances in technology provide a "best of both worlds" solution to this problem.  

Our automated appointment reminder system has the ability to give your patients the option to be transferred in real-time to the appointment desk to make appointment changes.  This, combined with other advanced features, provides the effectiveness of manual calls plus the affordability and consistency of automated calls.  Our advanced features have the ability to automate patient-specific reminders, such as to bring medications to the appointment or to fast prior to a lab visit.

Our affordable solution is sure to increase your revenue while reducing costs and avoiding a large investment in purchasing your own dialing system.


Ability to Pay Scoring

Our scoring provides ability to pay information that helps drive case management and patient financial counselor workflow.  This improves up-front collections.

Fraud Prevention

Our solution validates Social Security Numbers against a database that holds frequently used, deceased and invalid social security numbers.  This helps Healthcare providers comply with Red Flag rules and prevent identity theft.  

Critical Data Evaluation

Our service evaluates and scrubs critical data elements to ensure accuracy of claims at time of registration thus reducing back end denials.

Financial Assistance Program Administration

Our Financial Assistance Module can give you the tools and technology you need to manage pre-qualifications, application requests and approvals/denials. Our tool also creates an audit trail and gathers statistics to support IRS 990 Charity filing.

We also offer:

Presumptive Eligibility tools

Application processing and investigation services

“Best Practices” consulting services on content for your Financial Assistance Policy.

Insurance Eligibility Verification

Ensures authorization, referral and pre-certification is complete and performs benefit verification when available.