At RevCycle we strive to be the best employer we can.  We understand that time at work needs to be challenging, rewarding and fun!  Still not sure if this is the right place for you check out what our employees have to to say about working for RevCycle!  Don't forget to follow us on Linked In and like our Facebook page to stay up to date on hiring events and open positions! 


Employee Testimonials

  • I enjoy working for RevCycle due to the overall friendliness of the staff. The people that work here have really adopted a selfless attitude and willingness to help each other. I think the professionalism of everyone is the biggest key to my own success and enjoyment here. I didn’t just feel like “the new guy” when I started. My coworkers really seemed to take a personal interest in me being successful when I started 4 ½ years ago, and I think that is what helps continue to lay the groundwork for other new staff and how they should be treated when they start.  From: Chris B (4.5 years)


  • RevCycle is a great place to work at. It has been by far the BEST call center that I have worked at. I have worked at many call centers and this one is truly the best one. The employee recognize programs are awesome and they truly recognize each and every employee. I was here less than a year and have advance in my position. The vacation time is also great. What other places starts you out with 3 weeks!  I truly love working here!  From: (Cindy Y 1 year)


  • As an employee of RevCycle my experience has been positive.  The atmosphere provided makes it very easy to come to work each day.  The staff that I work with is so enjoyable it feels like family at times.  I like the type of daily work I do and feel like I have accomplished something beneficial to the company at the end of the day.  I can say “I am proud to be an employee of RevCycle.”  From Barb Z (7 years)


  •  I have been working with RevCycle for a little over a year, and I enjoy it. The company offers a great benefits package that includes a very generous pto plan, insurance, and 401k.  I love the flexible work schedule and the incredible management team that truly does work with you so you can make your families events/appointments/anything you may need to be at! There are also many opportunities for internal advancement as well within the company! One of the best things about RevCycle is the amazing staff that works here. The environment is incredibly light, everyone is friendly, and everyone is always willing to lend a hand where ever it may be needed. I am very happy with my business decision to join the RevCycle team and I look forward to continuing my career with RevCycle.  From: Krystal K (1 year)


  • While working for RevCycle I have grown in many ways and have become more of a leader than I thought was possible. RevCycle challenges you to your full potential and along the way encourages you to succeed in ways you thought you couldn’t. RevCycle strives to provide a positive environment and recognition to all employees. I have to say working for RevCycle has made me a more positive person and I think many people would find working here a great opportunity! From Jess I (2 years)


  • I have been with RevCycle Inc. for 12 years and during this time have had many opportunities to advance my career.  I like being a part of a growing organization and feeling open to bringing forth suggestions to our management team about the organizations growth.   RevCycle offers very generous paid time off along with other competitive benefits and understands the need for work/life balance.  The people I work with and the organizations culture is truly welcoming and makes coming to work enjoyable. From TIna S (12 years)


  • I have been a member of the RevCycle team since 2007. Since joining the company, I’ve had the opportunity to
    advance in my position while facing new and exciting challenges. I have also had the chance to think outside the box and identify new processes and procedures while continuing to learn and grow in my role. I thoroughly enjoy coming to work each day, while getting support from our leadership team and other team members. I leave work each day with a strong sense of accomplishment knowing that my work has been appreciated. From Leslie H (9 years)