Claims and Billing

Coding Service

Coders are always in short supply.  RevCycle can help supplement your staffing shortages with options for both short-term and long-term engagements.

Claim Denial Management

Industry averages for first pass denials range from 20-30% and studies performed by HFMA have indicated that up to 90% of those denials are preventable.  Denials resulting from registration inaccuracies, insurance eligibility, charge bundling, and pre-authorizations are all examples of issues that could have been prevented with improvements to front-end processes.   RevCycle's analytic tools can provide you with the trending, analysis, and dashboards you need in order to identify how you can improve your front-end processes to reduce costs and increase reimbursements.   

Insurance Follow-up

Typical inefficiencies in insurance follow-up work-flows go deeper than simple sorting and prioritization.  It is common for a provider’s insurance staff to be required to research each and every denial, and then in many cases, forward the account to another department for resolution. However, truly advanced work-flow engines, such as the one offered by RevCycle, utilize and link 837 and 835 data to pre-status accounts by “likely next action”.  

In addition to our advanced work-flow engine, RevCycle also offers leading edge edge web-based follow-up tools.  In cases where 276/277 electronic claim status checks are not possible, staff can navigate through payor websites, including the entry of usernames, passwords and subscriber information with a single click and arrive at the claim detail screen instantaneously. 

RevCycle offers our Insurance Follow-up tools as a stand alone system for your staff, or as a complete outsourced solution staffed by the experts at RevCycle.