Bad-Debt Collections

Bad-Debt Collections

Bad-debt collection services are performed by Alliance Collection Agencies, Inc. which is licensed in all states and jurisdictions.

Alliance Collections separates itself from others in our industry and maintains a track record of attaining the highest possible recovery rates for our clients, thus enabling you to achieve the best possible “net-back”, which is the true test of a quality recovery firm. 

Alliance differentiates our offering from other 3rd party bad debt collection vendors in the following areas:



Alliance provides the highest value to our clients when measuring the “true cost” of a collections vendor.  While our commission rates may not always appear to be the lowest rate offered when compared to our competitor's rates, they do represent the lowest cost to our clients when considering the dollars returned to our clients after deducting commissions (Netback). We back this claim up with the industry's first performance guarantee.



Alliance accepts our client’s challenges as our own and applies a “Can-Do” approach to helping our clients overcome these challenges.  We have developed several custom products in direct response to our client’s internal challenges and we share our expertise and resources beyond our standard product offerings. Providing clients with direct access to our compliance attorney to consult on regulatory issues and offering free consultation and training from our Director of Collections are just a couple examples of this.


Patient Satisfaction

It is one of Alliance’s most fundamental principles to always treat consumers with dignity and respect.  Alliance records all collection calls and makes these recordings available to our clients. Alliance has demonstrated its commitment to patient satisfaction by being the first collection agency to implement the Dignity Rating System and the first to be Dignity Certified. 



Alliance’s compliance program is led by a licensed attorney who also holds the prestigious CCCO (Credit & Collection Compliance Officer) designation from ACA International.  Our Compliance Officer personally conducts regular required training sessions with all Alliance employees on HIPAA compliance as well as other regulatory compliance topics.  We were the first agency in the region to provide our clients with complete and accurate PHI Suspected Breach Reporting and we have also been honored as a guest speaker for national audiences on the topic.